Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday, April 28

Hey there everyone. I just wanted to drop a blog and let you know what I've been up to. I had my regular Thurs and Fri shows this week. i also had to perform at a bachelorette party on thurs night. I have two bachelorette parties tonite and I will be going to a concert tomorrow. I have been working out this weekend because my workout partner was out of town. It's not easy getting to the gym on the weekend when you work at night. I'm looking forward to my trip to L.A. and always try to look my best when it comes to a shoot.

On my last blog, I didnt have a chance to mention my new werstling dvd. Chcek out and you can see some of my matches. I've always been a fan of pro wrestling so its cool to be involved in something similar. My character name is Z-man and I get to be a bad guy. I play a cocky, arrogant, selfish wrestler. Its pretty funny.

I will be busy this week as I have a show at Lookers in Ft Myers and my usual Thurs at Whisky North and Fri at Page 2. I guess its better to be really busy than not have anything to do.

Well thats pretty much it for now, I hope everyone is doing well and stay tuned for a website update....................Zack

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introductory Post

Hey there Everyone! I'm very excited to have my new blog set up. I now have a way to contact everyone and keep you updated on all my whereabouts, photo shoots, and happenings. I have been really busy training hard and getting in shape for my upcoming trip to California in May. I have some shoots setup and am looking forward to updating my website. My dance troop has been coming along nicely as well. We have been putting in alot of hard rehearsing and I've been really busy molding some the new guys in to good dancers. Our show is a Las Vegas style Male Revue so there is a lot of work that goes into it. Its always a challenge to keep the material and routines fresh. I am the Host /MC for the show and have plenty of skits. I will definately keep everyone up to date on how our weekly shows go. On Thurs April 19,I have a show at Whisky Park North( formally Club Joy) on Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa. Show time is 8:00. I'm planning on doing my Indiana Jones skit. On Friday April 20, I have a show at Page 2 on Park Blvd in Seminole. Show time is 9:00. I'm planning on doing my marine skit. We have rehearsal on Fridays before the show so its always a loong day for me. My Saturday is still TBA and I usually dont figure it our until Thurs or so.

I received a phone call on Thurs from the Tampa radio station and they told me I was a finalist in the "Tampas Sexiest Man" competition. I was invited to be at Banana Joes in Channelside on Friday the 13th when they pick the winner. Unfortunately, Friday the 13th wasnt good to me. I completed the show at Page and rushed to Banana Joes only to find the competition was over and I missed out. I thought it was at midnite but it was at 11:00. oops :( I guess ya cant be at 2 places at once.

On Sunday, I was at Disney MGM Studios. It was a really windy day and pretty cool for an April day in FL.I had a good time though and went on the Aerosmith roller coaster 3 times. I really like the stunt shows there too. Being in the entertainment industry, I can totally relate to the feeling and adrenaline you get being on stage.I really observe and try to pick up anything I can to help make my show better. Its really cool watching other people perform. I do an Indiana Jones skit that I got inspired for by the Disney Stunt show.

Well, these are my happenings for this week. I'd like to thank everyone for being on my website. I am now going to do a weekly blog so you can all follow me and my whereabouts. If theres any ideas you want to hear about my blog, feel free to srop an email. I'm always open to suggestions.Take Care and I'll be posting again on Wed(April 25)......................Zack


This is a webmaster post to get everything set up and tested. Zack's first post - with info about upcoming dance appearances and shoots - is due within the next day or two.

Rick (Webmaster)